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What is Dating Coaching and How Does it Work?


You’re probably wondering, what the heck is dating coaching and how does it work? Is it like the movie Hitch? Well, in some ways yes, but we all know that Hollywood movies never represent real life. Dating coaching is a lot like personal training at the gym. As a dating coach, I teach you exercises and skills to improve your dating life. I will kick your butt on a regular basis to get you to approach people you are interested in and not screw it up during the process. If you want to know more about what dating coach is, read my FAQ.

Dan Silverman

Hi, my name is Dan Silverman and I am a dating coach, matchmaker, and founder of Miami Dating Coach.


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First and foremost, you are either here because you need some help overcoming obstacles in your dating life or you heard about me on the news, from a friend, or on the internet, couldn’t believe there was such a thing as a dating coach, and came here to see for yourself. Either way, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter for some free dating tips and advice. If you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive 3 or more free gifts from me.


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A Free Video for Men Teaching You How to Approach Women!
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  • How to work up the courage to approach beautiful women.
  • Where quality women can be found.
  • First date tips.
  • Mindsets of successful men.
  • And a few secrets most single men will never find out!


A Free Video for Women Teaching You How to Increase Your Chances of Meeting Mr. Right!


You must complete the matchmaking application to view this video.

You must complete the matchmaking application to view this video.

This Video will Teach You:


  • Tips on how to write a great online profile.
  • Where commitment minded quality guys can be found.
  • First date tips.
  • Mindsets of successful single women.
  • And a few secrets most single women will never find out!


My Ebook Find the Perfect Man (valued at $29.00) for Free!

Find the Perfect Man


Inside this Book, You Will Learn:


  • Types of men to avoid dating.
  • Identify destructive behaviors that push men away from you.
  • Why you are still single.
  • Secrets of successful women.
  • What to look for in a great man.


My Ebook The Seven Steps to Inner Game Power (valued at $29.00) for Free!

Inner Game Power

Inner Game Power


  • Seven simple steps to overcome social anxiety.
  • Identify negative limiting beliefs that keep you from meeting the perfect woman.
  • How to handle rejection.
  • Mindsets and attitudes that help you meet more women.
  • How to build self-esteem and self-worth with women.


A One-Time $100 Gift Card, for 2 Hours of Discounted Phone Coaching!

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  • Regular price of personal phone coaching is $300.
  • Total price you pay is $200!
  • Speak to me personally to answer your burning questions!
  • Get a much better idea of what your dating strategies should be!

Thank you for taking the time to read my homepage. I hope to get in touch with you soon. Please feel free to browse my website some more or contact me through the little chat box on the bottom right side corner of the screen. I may be online to speak with right now!

May You Find the Perfect Partner,

Dan Silverman

Miami Matchmaker and Dating Coach


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